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~ Supporting the patient through the whole journey of cardiac care by sharing new knowledge in cardiac technologies, research, and treatments of specific cardiac conditions with nurses and allied health professionals.

~ Supporting cardiac patients and their families with acute and chronic heart disease; considering their stress, suffering and quality of life issues.

The content of this conference is aimed at nursing and allied health, however all interested in heart health will find value in attending.

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2019 NP Forum Speakers

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

2019 Keynote Speaker - Dr. Jeevan Nagendran


Dr. Kevin Bainey

Persons with Heart Disease: When and Why to Initiate a Palliative Care Approach

Dr. Charlotte Pooler / Trina Thorne, NP

Pre-operative Frailty in Cardiac Surgery: How Much Does it Cost?

Carmel Montgomery, RN

Exercise as Medicine

Andrea Van Damme, NP

Directions for the Road: To and From CV Surgery

Sherry Psych, RN / Karen Harrison, RN / Laurianne Gamache-Pearl, RN

12-Lead Secrets - Real World Solutions to Real World Problems

Dr. Chris Hardcastle

Patent Foramen Oavle - What to do?

Dr. Dylan Taylor

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