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The NP Forum for Nursing and Allied Health is thanks in large part to our NP Forum Champions


The 2018 NP Forum for Nursing and Allied Health
will be held on April 13th, 2018

Don't miss out – mark your calendars!


Learning Objectives

~ Supporting the patient through the whole journey of cardiac care by sharing new knowledge in cardiac technologies, research, and treatments of specific cardiac conditions with nurses and allied health professionals.

~ Supporting cardiac patients and their families with acute and chronic heart disease; considering their stress, suffering and quality of life issues.


Who Should Attend?

The content of this conference is aimed at nursing and allied health, however all interested in heart health will find value in attending.

Past Programs

Curious about the topics covered? Have a look at our past programs here.


Welcome to the NP Forum
for Nursing and Allied Health!

This conference is organized by the NP Forum Committee.

The overall goal of the conference is to improve cardiac patient care. Annually, we aim to bring together a community of health professionals from various backgrounds, who are interested in cardiovascular health and provide an opportunity to learn and network with each other.

The Telehealth Site in Grande Prairie was tested in 2015 and the attendees were happy with the results and with the on site NP Forum Committee member. Telehealth is back this year, again in the Grande Prairie Provincial Health Building. The Telehealth site gets first and last dibs on questions, its own door prizes, refreshments and lunch.

2017 NP Forum Committee

Mandy Bellows Clinical Nurse Specialist - Cardiac Sciences Edmonton Zone
Jo-Anna Besuyen Clinical Nurse Educator – Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Ann Comeau PCN NP Representative – Edmonton Southside PCN
Inger Eakin Project Manager, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Jennifer Halenar Co-chair – CK Hui Heart Centre
Dr. Donna McLean Covenant Health NP Representative - EMS Urgent Community Care Team
Melissa Perri RN, NP Student– Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Rae Popowich Clinical Nurse Educator – CK Hui Heart Centre
Joanne Stewart Rural NP Representative - Grande Prairie College and Community Health Centre
Kelly Davies Animatters Animation and Design Studios Inc
Marcie Smigorowsky Chair – Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute


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